Brent Slocum Memorial Scholarship Information

The friends and family of Brent Slocum are sponsoring a scholarship for a senior student who plans to attend post-secondary school. Brent was killed at 34 Raceway on June 11, 2005. He left many loved ones behind, including his three month old daughter, Isabelle. He loved racing and competed for eleven years before his death. Brent was fun-loving and social and valued time with family and friends. It is the scholarship committee’s hope to keep Brent’s name alive by awarding this scholarship to a senior who has the same zest and appreciation for life that he did.

The Brent Slocum Foundation awarded $5000 in scholarships in 2016. The number and amount of scholarships will be determined by the committee at the time of the selection process.

In just 7 years, over $42,000 has been awarded in scholarships.

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Applications were due March 18, 2017

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